25 April 2012

New Radio

The above Clarion radio was installed. No doubt a good model in its days with digital tuner and auto-reverse, but it sounded about as old as it looks.
Originally the car would have come with the Becker Mexico, so as the Clarion was after market anyway, I might as well put one in that has the modern stuff.
The Sony I picked does not look too modern, while it does have Phone Bluetooth and an USB connection on the front screen.
Also the front can be removed, so when the SL is parked without top, there is less resistant for young criminals to help themselves. The sound is very nice indeed, although limited with the two 4 inch dash speakers.
I will in due course install some 6.5" or 6x9 in/on the rear side panels. I've seen another SL with a speaker pod spacer so the limited depth is no issue. Anyway, that will be a fun job after a couple of more greasy ones...